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Hands up who 
loves Merch?!?

Polpo branded 
 coming pronto!
Polpo Perfumo
We want to create stuff that stimulates all the senses, and it seems like noses get a raw deal when it comes to fun. This is why we plan on bringing out ‘polpo perfumo’ asap!
Polpo Planko
Tre-flips, front foot impossibles and pop-shuvs will all be far easier to land on 
a polpo branded skateboard. And 
that’s a polpo promise!

Polpo Scoopo
Branded baseball caps and beanies are sooo 2021. At polpo we create merch that makes your life better. Like this brass ice-cream scoop. Tasty!

Polpo Scento
Add ambience to your listening experience with polpo scented candles. The perfect partner to a cosy late night podcast. 

Polpo Poolo
Slide into summertime 2023 but don’t slip-up with polpo pool sliders.
Flip flops never felt 
so good on your feet.
Polpo Polo
Once the preserve of the tennis elite, polo shirts are now a mainstay of every merch collection, and who are we to deny tradition?!
Polpo Sunno
Paparazzi hanging around outside your home? Soon you’ll be able to pop on a pair of polpo sunglasses and creep out incognito!
Polpo Plonko
It seems like branded booze is the natural next step for any self-respecting podcast provider so we may well follow suit. 

But please pod responsibly!